1912 Edison Opera Cylinder Phonograph


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The Opera was Edison’s most refined, best engineered, and best-performing outside horn cylinder phonograph. It had a geared drive, a massive motor, and its mandrel advanced beneath the reproducer, allowing the large wood horn to remain stationary as a record played through.  Its mechanism was quieter than that found on any of Edison’s earlier phonographs, and the Opera’s sound quality was (for 1912) state-of-the-art.

This example is original throughout, and its condition is excellent. The chocolate paint and gold decorations on the bedplate are clean and original, with only minimal wear consistent with age and gentle use.  The faux-grain horn elbow is original, and the paint wear is minimal relative to other un-restored Music Master elbows.

The solid mahogany cabinet is in excellent condition, with a clean original finish and a crisp original cabinet decal. The Music Master Cygnet is likewise in excellent condition, with a glossy original finish and a nearly perfect original decal

The motor is robust, and the phonograph is capable of playing multiple cylinders when fully wound. The mechanism runs smoothly, the balance wire and governor are working properly, and the mandrel advances silently and steadily beneath the upper carriage as a record plays through. The diamond reproducer is in excellent condition, and Blue Amberol cylinders played on the phonograph sound wonderful — loud and very dynamic.

A beautiful, all-original Edison Opera that needs nothing to be enjoyed immediately.


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