1923 Gecophone BC-2001 Radio With Original Shunt & Plug-In Coils


1923 Gecophone BC2001 Radio.

Beautiful, uncommon 1922 Gecophone BC 2001 receiver.

Radio is clean and original throughout, with an outstanding original finish on the gated mahogany smoker’s cabinet. Ebonite panels are excellent, with no cracks, no chips, no blotching, no issues. Crisp original lettering wear on both the dials and the panel. Cabinet decals are original and in excellent condition, with no scarring, no deterioration, no touch-ups. Cabinet hardware is original and clean.

Radio chassis is likewise clean and original throughout, with nice green wire on the tuning assembly and no rust or corrosion evident anywhere. Tuning apparatus still works properly, and dial rotates smoothly. Panel screws still hold the radio securely to the cabinet.

Triode tubes test good for filament continuity.  Includes original loading coils.

With the front gates closed, the radio measures approximately 12″ wide by 9″ deep by 17″ high.


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