1921 Hatfield Senior Interpanel Radio * Hatfield Electric * Indianapolis, Indiana


1921 Hatfield Senior Interpanel Radio * Hatfield Electric, Indianapolis Indiana

In late 1921, Hatfield Electric of Indianapolis introduced a complete line of interpanel radios, with prices ranging from $47.50 for the double-panel Hatfield Junior Detector & Tuner to $375 for the Hatfield Model C, which incorporated the 3 panels featured in the Hatfield Senior into an ornate floor-standing console with a built-in speaker.

Within months, the company had disappeared, leaving next to nothing in terms of a legacy.

The radio offered here is the only known example of a Hatfield Senior, and though it varies slightly from the model pictured in the brochure, it’s guaranteed to be authentic.

Condition is very good throughout. The rear right leg has been replaced, but everything else appears to be original, including the wiring, AF transformers, variable condensers, honeycomb coils, rheostats, binding posts, knobs, dials, etc.

As you can see, the upper right panel was used for storing a headset, but it could also accommodate a supplementary amplifier, according to the brochure copy.

Comes with 3 display tubes (open filaments) and a flat sheet, high quality reproduction of the original brochure.

This is a large radio (more than 20″ high) and it cannot be shipped outside the USA.


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