1922 Pennsylvania Wireless GT-2 Regenerative Radio With PA Wireless Headset * New Castle PA


No Sales Tax If Shipped Outside North Carolina

Uncommon GT-2 radio manufactured in the early 1920’s by Penna. Wireless Mfg. Co.

This is a broadcast receiver with a wavelength range of 150-700 meters. Condition is good overall, with these caveats:

  1. The wires leading from the chassis to the binding post strip in the back of the radio will need to be resoldered to the binding posts, and one of the wires will need to be replaced.
  2. Cabinet (walnut) finish is worn in areas, and the underside of the radio has white wash stains. The left rear upper corner of the cabinet needs to be glued and clamped. The small wood stanchion to which the lower screw on the binding post panel is attached will need to be repaired and/or replaced.

The bakelite panel is in good condition, with no damage and legible engraving.  Other than the wiring issued noted above, the chassis is in good condition, and all of the chassis components are original. All panel controls are original and in good condition. The AF transformers are the original ACME brand transformers. The 1st stage transformer is good (both windings). The second stage transformer has an open secondary winding.

Comes with a nice, working pair of Pennsylvania Wireless headphones.

A beautifully made, uniquely engineered set that — with just a modest amount of attention/restoration — will become a showpiece.


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