c. 1880 Rear-Crank Magneto Electric Machine


C. 1880 Rear-Crank Magneto Electric Machine

Beautiful 19th century magneto electric machine, with a crank in back and a complete selection of probes, handles and sponges

Nice construction throughout. Clean brass gearing, with normal tarnish but no rust or corrosion, original handle on top, and original hardware holding the handle in place. Felt covering on the coils is original and clean, with very little wear or fading.  Leather straps inside the cover are all original and intact. Probes and handles are all in good condition, with normal wear but no damage. Mahogany cabinet retains its original finish, and it’s in good shape.

Drive belt turns the magneto smoothly, and the device is still able to generate a shock.

Cabinet measures approximately 10″ x 6″ x 5″ when closed.


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