1900 Zon-O-Phone “A” Glass-Sided Phonograph With Flat Bed, Small Crank, Closed-Face Reproducer


No Sales Tax If Shipped Outside North Carolina.

Early Zon-O-Phone “A” disc phonograph.  Very clean and original.

Cabinet finish is smooth. Wood and trim are in excellent condition, with no issues. Original beveled glass panels are clear and undamaged. Nickel plating is very good all around. Some plating wear evident on the crank and the bedplate, but nothing significant or distracting.

Original close-faced Concert reproducer likewise has very good nickel-plating. The celluloid tag is complete and undamaged, and the lettering on the tag is crisp. The horn and elbow are in excellent condition.  No dents in the horn. No missed or broken stitches in the elbow. Mechanism is clean; cabinet interior is clean; original purple felt still lines the cabinet’s baseboard.  There’s a split in the baseboard, but this has no effect on the structural integrity of the cabinet.

Runs well.


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