1918 Marconi Wireless Telegraph 5KW Quenched Spark Gap From Great Lakes Naval Radio Station


No Sales Tax If Shipped Outside North Carolina.

Massive (Approx. 80 Lb.) American Marconi quenched spark gap that did service at the Naval Station in Great Lakes, IL and was later acquired by the storied Muchow Radio Museum in Elgin, IL.

Quenched gaps were designed to accelerate the speed at which spark signals could be transmitted by extinguishing the sparks that were being generated almost instantaneously. The gap consists of a stacked series of electrodes separated by spacers — in effect a series of spark gaps. In the case of this Marconi gap, the surface area of the 8″ x 8″ electrodes is sufficient to dissipate the heat generated by a sustained series of 5 KW spark transmissions.

Condition overall is excellent. There are normal signs of wear, and the paint has deteriorated in areas, most noticeably on the large nuts that have likely been loosened and tightened repeatedly over the years. The copper electrodes are in good shape, with tarnish but no significant corrosion.

The apparatus measures approximately¬† 24″ x 15″ x 15″.¬† It will be disassembled for safe transport and will require about an hour of time to re-assemble. It comes with a photocopy of its original MWT Co. Bill of Materials. Purchased at Estes Auctions in Burbank, Ohio, it also includes its original auction tag.

Blanket-wrapped door-to-door delivery of the fully assembled gap is available to some areas at no additional charge. If you’re interested in this service, please inquire about it prior to purchase.


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