1922 A.C. Gilbert 4018 One-Tube Radio


1922 A.C. Gilbert 4018 One-Tube Radio

Uncommon Type 4018 breadboad radio manufactured in 1922 by inventor and entrepreneur A.C. Gilbert of New Haven, Connecticut. The radio was allegedly designed by Clarence Tuska, who worked with Gibert prior to launching his own radio venture in 1922.

The radio came from a home  in New England not far from where it was manufactured.

The 4018 uses a single tube for a detector, a rheostat to control the tube’s filament voltage, and a primitive loose coupler — in conjunction with a pair of variable condensers — for tuning.

Condition is good throughout. All of the components on this set are original and correct. The small hardware is solid brass, so there’s tarnish on the binding post nuts and tube contacts, as you’d expect and would probably want. Variable tuning coil on the loose coupler slides easily along the rail.

Original A.C. Gilbert tag is still in place on the top side of the board. Board finish is original, board feet are original, and the board is not warped. No missing binding post nuts, and all of the binding post assemblies are original to the radio.

Comes with a Brightson Blue display tube (open filament).

Offered for historical purposes only, with no assurances implied or stated that it’s suitable for contemporary broadcast reception.


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