1922 Connecticut JR-3 Receiving Set * Forerunner Of Sodion DR-6


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Unusual JR-3 Receiving Set manufactured in 1922 by Connecticut Telephone & Electric. The JR-3 is rarely seen in any condition, much less complete and correct with clean original factory paperwork, a spare detector tube, and a single driver Connecticut headphone.

Unconventional and probably without precedent, the JR-3 used a proprietary J-117 detector tube whose sensitivity and detection characteristics were regulated with a magnet (visible in all of the chassis photos) instead of a B battery. The tube was “tuned” with a special wand that interacted with the magnet (the wand can be seen below the tube), and the results were at best unpredictable.

The JR-3 was recalled by the manufacturer shortly after its release and re-purposed into the the more reliable (but still underwhelming) Sodion DR-6 Receiving Set, which was in production for more than a year.

Condition, as should be evident in the pictures, is exceptional, almost like new.


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