1924 Atwater Kent 4660 Model 9 Compact Breadboard Radio * Complete, Correct, All-Original & Working * Exceptional Condition


No Sales Tax If Shipped Outside North Carolina.

The 4660 was the last version of the Model 9 breadboard. Its board was just 20 1/2″ long, and its capacitive tuners were the same as those featured on the Model 10 that Atwater Kent had introduced the year before.

This is without doubt the finest Atwater Kent 4660 that’s ever crossed our path. That it’s managed to survive in this condition for almost a century is a tribute to its former steward, renowned Pennsylvania historian George Erasmus Nitzsche, whose brief typed account of the Philadelphia company’s history is affixed to the underside of the board.

Nothing on the radio has been restored, refreshed, refinished, repainted or otherwise renovated. It’s original throughout, including the potting tar and transformers sealed inside the TA island, and — with the exception of some fraying fabric surrounding the battery harness leads — it does not look much different than it did when it was manufactured 97 years ago.

The radio has been tested with both a battery array and an ARBEIII regulated power supply, and it’s still in good working condition, able to tune contemporary AM stations when connected to a longwire outdoor antenna.  Requires nothing more than a vintage horn loudspeaker and some understanding of the tuning characteristics of a 20’s era battery radio in order to be used.

Comes with complete set of good emissions brass base, tipped 01A tubes.


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